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Non Profit Charitable organisation of Madurai City, Tamilnadu State, India.
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Adoption of primitive villages for health, education & services: Thost Trust.

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Free residential school for the poor children.
Rehabilitation center for HIV
Cerebral palsy / MR home.
Old age home.
Oncology rehabilitation center for poor.
Children care  adoption center.
Free Medication Center
Adoption of primitive villages for health and education
Educational support to the poor by way of scholarship
Free text book & notes for the poor and orphan children
Adoption of orphan children
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Dr. S. M. Pandian.
Thost Trust
A Non-Profit Public Charitable Organisation. ( NGO )
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Topographically Madurai is surrounded with primitive villages and semi urbans with lack of medical facilities. One primary health center covers more than 20 villages that too not having sufficient medical officers and emergency care.

There are quacks doing a practice of modern medicine does not know even a abcd… of the drugs, their attendence by door by door attracts the poor knowledged rural people and intended to go for such treatment procedures which sometime leads to a dangerous event of death and so on.

Lack of transport sometime leads the accidental cases and poisonous cases as unable to be rescued due to lack of proper transporting facilities and moreover the distance of general hospital too long to reach for the poor people.  The primary health centers always directing the emergency cases to the general hospital due to lack of emergency care. I heard that some of the centers even they does not performing a first aid like stomach wash etc.,

Hence, our intention is to take adaption of one village for a particular period say one year.,we provide proper health check-up door by door every day.  We make the poor aware of “what is health?”  “ How to prevent or avoid  life threatening situations”

Making aware of “Using tobacco, liquor and other narcotics and explaining their evil effect to the body”.  For the addicts, explaining how to avoid and rescue the health – a concept of preventive medicine will be materialized.

In case of systemic disorders and congenital cases are properly directed to go for proper and regular health check up and making them aware of how to maintain and follow the medication prescribed. It is otherwise called as a social medicine to a particular village till the period of completion of task may be approximately one calendar year.

After the task is completed to the satisfactory level, we move on to the next primitive villages for service.

There are school called panchayat union in primary, middle and high standards, where the strength of teachers are not sufficiently organized.  There may a total strength of 5 teachers will cover ten classes, they may be a class teacher for more than two classes of standards.

In many of the schools, the curriculum will be a state board.  The subjects like spoken English, language of Hindi are not framed in the curriculum.  The children is unaware of such skills and when they appear for a higher level and competitive examinations, they are not able to competite the situation and the rural educational effort become not much useful where we find the” inequality of educational status”.

Recently tamilnadu government has announced a scheme called “ sama cheer kalvi murai” a randomized style of education comparing the rural and urban.

Our service is:
Select the particular village where there is a lack of such skill training curriculum, after a discussion and prior permission from the concerned authorities, we appoint a skilled teacher to teach spoken English and the language of Hindi, we pay them the salary from our trust.